Taking Double Rainbows for Granted – Why Donegal? FB

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“We’ve been asking people Why Donegal? We’d love to hear your story!

Poet Denise Blake shares hers here:”


Donegal and I are lifelong friends. I love her ways. Donegal will never be the cool kid but always the wild child who’s the most fun to be around. She revels in being different. Donegal knows her distance and so her communities make of their own in sports, leisure, arts, business and politics.
I love her contradictions: the bustle and the solitude. I don’t always understand Donegal but she makes sense of me. She is brimming over with talented singers, musicians, actors, poets, artists and dancers. Her pulse is strong. You cannot match her generosity. When I’m away I miss the voices, the sweep of accents from Inishowen to Bundoran. Tá a cuid focail cosúil le ceol.
I love the wash of stars in her night skies and how we take double rainbows for granted. I love the sea, in all the tones of blue, as it wraps around the tweed of the landscape. In every season her beaches offer the generations space to enjoy her sandy beauty.
Donegal opened the door and called me home. Our children bring this place with them no matter where they travel. I’m grateful for Donegal. May we live to old age together.