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Take a Deep Breath

Denise’s first collection, Take a Deep Breath 2004 was published by Summer Palace Press ISBN-10: 0954475283 ISBN-13: 978-0954475284 Take a Deep Breath can be ordered from Kenny’s Bookstore, Galway and Cover painting, Marin’s Quilt by Barrie Maguire Read More

Summer Palace Press

BOOK LAUNCH- Earagail Arts FestivaL                    July 4th                    Carn Lodge, Ramelton The Sketch, the Ship and the Afternoon: Ten Years at the Summer Palace The Sketch, the Ship and the Afternoon Ten Years at the Summer Palace Press Pictured at the launch of the anthology entitled the Read More

Wild Horses – the painting from a poem

Piebald-soul PIEBALD-SOUL “It is said in Ceannconn — the Head of the Hound — the Black and Tans came for my great-grandfather’s horse, a piebald horse that ate windfall apples from a child’s palm, who back-burdened their small farm, who cart-pulled a whole clan the miles to Schull for Sunday mass. They came for his Read More

Ballad For Wounded Hearts

Ice Core Scientist Read More

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